Preschool Playground Helpers

Inside the preschool classroom, teachers often assign classroom helpers to assist in the daily activities of the classroom.  Such jobs may include line leader, line caboose, breakfast helper, lunch helper, snack helper, toy detective, meteorologist, electrician (to turn the lights on or off), and so on.

We often have jobs indoors, so why not use them outdoors in the children’s outdoor play areas as well?  Here are some ideas for outdoor playground helpers:

  • Binder Carrier – A helper to carry the teacher binder outdoors and back indoors.
  • A helper for each center – Have a playground helper for each center of your preschool outdoor classroom.  For example, a helper at the sand table or sandbox may be in charge of double checking to make sure all the sand toys are put away.

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  • Litter Detective – Several helpers can search for litter around the preschool playground, picking up any little pieces of paper, tissue, etc. that have escaped from pockets.
  • Meteorologist –  Helpers can study the sky, feel the temperature and wind, and report on the weather.
  • Naturalist – On the natural playground, helpers can have the job of finding an interesting part of nature to share with the class.


  • Time Keeper – A helper to give the transition warnings when it is almost time to clean up and go inside.
  • Toy Detective – Several helpers can be Toy Detectives and search for toys and manipulatives that were missed during clean up.

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