Car Wash with Water Jets Add-on
Car Wash
Car Wash


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Ship throughout US, Install in OH, IN, KY
If you are in OH, IN, KY, call for installation pricing

In order to purchase the Car Wash with Water Jets, the Playhouse also needs to be purchased. The Car Wash with Water Jets Add-On must be purchased at the time of your Playhouse purchase.

If you’re searching for preschool water play on a warm day all you need to do is turn your outdoor Playhouse into a Car Wash. A great addition to any children’s outdoor playground, the Car Wash allows children to enter and exit through realistic plastic flaps, similar to a real car wash. A pipe runs down the roof line and has several sprayer jets that release water on the children as they ride through the Car Wash. Connect a standard hose to the sprayer jets, turn on the water and the fun begins- the sprayer jets function similar to a backyard sprinkler; so put on your bathing suit and prepare to get wet! When the Car Wash is “closed”, detach removable plastic flaps and hose.



Assembly may be required - easy assembly instructions provided.