Chime Panel - Plastic


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Ship throughout US, Install in OH, IN, KY
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The Chime Panel has a full scale of eight notes that allow children and adults to play a song and sing along. Children can hear contrasting sounds as they hit each note. The pipe is a heavy gauge aluminum that will not rust. The Chime Panel is enjoyable by itself, or combine it with the Xylophone and Drum to create a mini orchestra on your preschool playground. This outdoor preschool play equipment can be left outside in all types of weather.

The Chime Panel is available in cedar or maintenance-free plastic. One pair of mallets is included with the purchase.



2'8" L x 6" W x 3'8" H


Maintenance-Free Plastic


• Assembly may be required - easy assembly instructions provided.
• Concrete in ground - easy install instructions provided.