Stepping Pods, Set of 5


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While crossing the playground Stepping Pods, a child’s brain, eyes and feet all have to work in accordance with one another to move from lower pods to higher pods and back, and to step from a small object to another small object. Children will enjoy using this outdoor play equipment in dramatic play activities, such as pretending to trek across a creek or maneuver through the jungle. Older children may use the playground Stepping Pods as a place to sit and socialize. Set includes (5) pods.

Please Note:

  • CPSC Guidelines recommend that all play equipment have a resilient fall surface.
  • Recommended Fall Zone Area: 18′ L x 16′ W
  • Recommended distance between pods is 8 inches



Each pod has a 13 inch diameter surface. Two pods are 8 inches high, two pods are 12 inches high, and one is 16 inches high. 


Red or green


Maintenance-Free Plastic


• Assembly may be required - easy assembly instructions provided.
• Concrete in ground - easy install instructions provided.