3' Double Hill Slide Only


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Ship throughout US, Install in OH, IN, KY
If you are in OH, IN, KY, call for installation pricing

Whether your outdoor playground site already has the perfect hill or you’re adding one, the 3’ Double Hill Slide is a blast for children and safe at the same time. No stairs to get hung up on and no worries about little ones getting to the top. Room for two yet plenty of fun flying solo, the Double Hill Slide blends a playground classic with all the advantages that a natural playground has to offer.

Ask about our add-on features: Mounting Frame with Top Rail and Exit Pad.

If you are adding a slide to an existing hill, determine the height of your hill and the ages of your children, before selecting the slide size. If you are building a hill, please see our Hill Slide Package option.



Use with 3' high hill


Red, yellow, blue, or tan


Rotomolded plastic, double wall construction