Stepping Stumps, Set of 5


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Stepping Stumps for the all natural playground encourage free play while developing balance, agility and body awareness. In addition to gross motor skill development, this outside play equipment sets the stage for dramatic play. The children’s imagination creates the story as they take on the roles of director, producer and actor.

Stepping Stumps are free standing and can be configured to create various patterns. Place the stumps near outdoor music equipment to promote both music and movement.

Please Note:

  • Products made from tree logs will contain some cracks or splits from the wood drying out, but this will only add to their beauty, natural inclination, and ability to teach children about natural processes, but will not reduce structural integrity. As wood ages, moisture will evaporate and it will become lighter, bark will fall off, and stress cracks and fissures will appear, but this is normal and creates wonderful opportunities for children to learn about the natural properties of trees and wood.



13" - 16" Diameter x 8" - 10" H