Mud Kitchen Stove


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What’s cooking in the outdoor classroom—eggs, spaghetti, or soup? Where is the kitchen—in a house, school, restaurant, or on a boat?

This four-burner Mud Kitchen Stove looks real, but don’t worry about getting burned! Rotate the knobs and decide if the heat should be set at low, medium, or high. If you want to bake a pie, just slide it in the opening in the door, no hinges to pinch little fingers.

The mud kitchen stove also has large open shelves for organizing pots and pans.

The stove is made of long-lasting, heavy-duty plastic–no splinters and sanding and maintenance are not required.

Need a place to keep the eggs cold? Check out the matching Mud Kitchen Fridge.

Need a place to wash hands and dishes? Check out the matching Mud Kitchen Sink with working water pump.



3’ 2” L x 1’ 3” W x 2’ 9” H


Natural (green and tan combination) or primary


Maintenance-Free Plastic


Free Standing Above Ground with Stakes