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The children will love building their very own creek on your natural preschool playground. We supply all the materials and you just add the eager children.

The Adventurous Child will provide:

  • Detailed instructions for building the creek
  • Creek frame
    • Includes drain with cap
    • Includes strap for securing garden hose
  • Rubber liner
  • Sand (in buckets)
  • Large rocks (in buckets)
  • Medium rocks (in buckets)
  • Small rocks (in buckets)

Teachers and children can create the creek by placing the rubber liner in the bottom of the frame, pouring in the sand, determining the path of the water and then arranging the sand and rocks to construct the water channel. You can wait for Mother Nature to supply the water or give the process a boost and connect one end of a garden hose to a water source and the other end to the strap on the creek frame. Adjust the flow of water–low, medium and high– and let the children observe what happens to the water and land forms.

The Adventurous Child Build-A-Creek can be used for water play or sand and gravel play…the opportunities for exploration, discovery, and sensory play are endless. Rocks, gravel, sand, water – a creek brings all of these manipulatives to your natural playscape in one product for your children to enjoy. And if you decide you want a different creek design, you can make it happen. Just re-form the water channel and re-configure the sand and rocks. Or, skip the water and use as a dry bed creek.

Please note:
• Buckets and shovels are not included.



6' L x 3'3" W x 6" H


Frame is Maintenance-Free Plastic


Assembly required - easy assembly instructions provided.