Mud Kitchen Sink


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The Mud Kitchen Sink is perfect for adding water, science, math, and dramatic play to the outdoor classroom. Simply use a garden hose to fill the tank under the sink, then the children will love pumping water into the sink, buckets, watering cans, etc. When water play is finished, pull the rubber stopper and the water drains into the empty tank. When the water source tank is empty, rotate the tanks, and you’re ready to start the process again.

The Mud Kitchen Sink includes a stainless-steel pump mechanism, clear plastic sink, rubber stopper, metal drain, and (2) 15-gallon clear tanks. The sink cabinet is made of long-lasting, heavy-duty plastic–no splinters and sanding and maintenance are not required.

Learn and play with The Adventurous Child Mud Kitchen Sink:

Practical Life Skills

  • Wash dishes, pots, and pans.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables that the children harvested from the garden.
  • Fill flower vases with water, practice making flower arrangements, and decorate the classroom.
  • Add soap and let the children wash their hands. This is cooperative play at its best! One child pumps the water, and the other child washes their hands, then they can trade places.

Nurture Nature Activities

  • Fill small watering cans, and care for the outdoor plants.

Water Exploration Activities

  • Pump water and observe how water decreases in one tank, and increases in the sink. Remove the sink stopper, and watch the water decrease in the sink, and increase in the second tank.
  • Include a container of objects and let the children observe sink and float experiments.
  • Place snow or ice in the sink, watch as it changes form, and drains into the tank.


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3’ 2” L x 1’ 3” W x 2’ 9” H


Natural (green and tan combination) or primary


Maintenance-Free Plastic


Free Standing Above Ground with Stakes