Large Sandbox with Corner Seats - Plastic


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The Large Sandbox with Corner Seats is a fun way to include sand play on your children’s outdoor playground. The sandbox has six corner seats to provide seating for children and teachers during sand play. Sand is a wonderful natural manipulative that has endless opportunities for fun and learning. The sandbox provides an area for sifting, digging, pouring, measuring and comparing. Mix together sand, water and imagination and children transform the sand into mountains, valleys, island, lakes and rivers as well as cities and streets. The children can create whatever the eye sees and the mind imagines. The Large Sandbox with Corner Seats is available in Maintenance-Free Plastic or natural Cedar, for your natural playscape.

Sandbox Mesh Cover is available.

Please note:
• Sand and manipulatives are not included.



7 1/2' Hexagon


Corner Seats are available in blue or green


Maintenance-Free Plastic


Assembly required - easy assembly instructions provided.