Water Log Trough, Set of 3


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The Water Log Trough, Set of 3 allows water and objects to flow from trough to trough and provides an instant creek for your natural preschool playground. Place a garden hose at the high end of the trough; turn the water on and the fun rolls gently down the stream. The Water Log Trough can be used for water play and learning. Add manipulatives to this preschool playground equipment and the young scientist can observe and explore the physical properties of water, snow, ice and other sensory items. The children can make simple cause and effect predictions and demonstrate scientific principles—sink, float, melt, solid, liquid. The Log Trough can also be used without water to demonstrate and observe the force of gravity. Children can collect objects found in nature and roll them down the chutes.

Please note:

  • Garden hose is not included
  • Products made from tree logs will contain some cracks or splits from the wood drying out, but this will only add to their beauty, natural inclination, and ability to teach children about natural processes, but will not reduce structural integrity. As wood ages, moisture will evaporate and it will become lighter, bark will fall off, and stress cracks and fissures will appear, but this is normal and creates wonderful opportunities for children to learn about the natural properties of trees and wood.



11"-12" Diameter x 4' L - Per Log Trough


Easy install instructions provided