Storage Cabinet


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A great space to store, protect, and organize your outdoor classroom manipulatives—art supplies, sand tools, water containers, music mallets, pots and pans, jump ropes, balls, and more.

The Storage Cabinet is designed with two large doors that provide easy access to the storage area for teachers and children. The two cabinet shelves divide the space and allow preschool outdoor classroom materials to be organized and easily located.

The cabinet is made of long-lasting, heavy-duty plastic. The top of the cabinet is gently curved and hangs over the edge of the cabinet. This allows water to run off the cabinet top and away from the cabinet contents.

Add The Adventurous Child Storage Cabinet to your outdoor play and learning areas–art and music, sand and water, dramatic play, gross motor, etc.

If storage is needed for large items like tricycles, riding toys, etc. check out The Adventurous Child Trike Garage.



4’ L x 2’ W x 3’ H


Maintenance-Free Plastic


Free Standing Above Ground