Toddler Playground #2
Toddler Playground #2
Toddler Climber #2
Toddler Climber #2
This playground is only available for installation in OH, IN, KY.
If you are in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky and would like more information about the installation of this climbing unit, please call!


  • 3’ x 3’ Platform, h=30″
  • Double Slide
  • Toddler Step Ladder
  • Toddler Block Wall
  • ADA Steps with Full Barrier Sides
  • ADA Transfer Platform with Ground Step
  • Platform Roof

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines recommend that all play equipment have a resilient fall surface.

If Toddler Playground #2 exceeds your space or budget, some items can be removed.

Call to request a quote!



Recommended Use Zone: 25' x 24'


Natural (green and tan combination) or primary


Maintenance-Free Plastic