Rain, Please Don’t Go Away!

As educators, a rainy day is not always a good thing. We feel like we can’t take the children
outside and let them play or explore. The things that come to mind are wet children, puddles, mud, wet playgrounds. Why not make the best of it?

There are plenty of fun and educational things that rainy days can provide. You could make rainy day kits that children can dress up in and go outside to experience the weather a few at a time (kits explained below). You can also make rain gauges for Toddlers and Preschoolers to measure the rainfall. Many items can used to create rain gauges like milk cartons, clear plastic containers, plastic bottles, and clear pitchers. The children can journal the amounts or help post the amount daily on a chart.

Rainy day kits
Depending on number of children you will need the following:
Rain coats with hoods (preferred)
Rain boots
Journals so children are able to document their experiences

Depending on the number of items available, children may have to take turns. Parents may donate used items or have a fundraiser to help gather additional items

Other Activities:

Can listen to the rain sounds if you open the windows and door to outside. Don’t be
surprised if it calms them.

Toddlers / Preschoolers
Teach them how rain makes rainbows
Children can create rainbows using:
Colored cereal
Yarn strands

If you are looking for a permanent Weather Station, check out the Adventurous Child Weather Station Learning Center.

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