Rockin’ Robins on the Preschool Playground (Part 1 of 2)

Having a class pet is a fun idea, but not always practical or allowed.  So, if you want your children to learn while taking care of an animal, you could take care of the animals on your preschool playground.  Now that Spring is on its way, it’s the perfect time to give the birds a little treat!

  • Bird Houses:  Cut a round hole (big enough for a bird to enter) in a juice carton.  The children can decorate the carton (paste construction or tissue paper, paint, etc.) and then hang it in a tree.
  • Bird Nests:  Collect bits of scrap yarn, string, and dryer lint and put them outside by the bird houses for the birds to build with.  What other scraps can the children think of?
  • Bird Feeders:  Cut a large square hole on one side of a juice carton, about 4 inches up from the bottom.  Fill the bottom with bird seeds.  Decorate the cartons (pasting sticks on top  makes a cute roof) and hang it in a tree.
  • Bird Breakfast:  String cheerios on pipe-cleaners and wrap them around branches or twist them onto a fence.
  • Bird Treats: Roll pine cones in peanut butter then birdseed (if your center is peanut free, try using shortening) and hang them up on branches or on the fence.

Visit our blog next week to see how you can really get everyone rockin’ like the robins!  In the meantime, visit our Stepping Stumps page to learn more about creating natural playscapes on the preschool playground.


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