The Adventurous Child sand and water play equipment allows children to learn and engage with sensory play while playing on the natural preschool playground.

Kitchen, Mud Sink

The Mud Kitchen Sink is perfect for adding water, science, math, and dramatic play to the outdoor classroom. Simply use a garden hose to fill the tank under the sink, then the children will love pumping water into the sink, … READ MORE

Snow Imprints

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. – Andy Goldsworthy A blanket of fresh fallen snow can be so peaceful.  The pristine snow evokes a feeling of endless possibilities. When I was young, I loved marking this blank … READ MORE

Snow, Snow Fun!

When it’s cold outside or when you have snow filled playgrounds, it’s hard to find things to do outdoors. Below is a list of fun activities you can do outside in the snow! Just be sure to pay attention to … READ MORE

Sensory Table with Removable Bins

The outdoor Sensory Table with Removable Bins allows children to explore and discover, using touch, sight, hearing, smell, and yes sometimes taste. Let the children collect nature’s manipulatives (ex. sticks, grass, rocks, seeds, dirt, leaves, etc.) and use the Sensory … READ MORE

Sand Table, Activity Panel Add-On

Add the Sand Table Activity Panel to The Adventurous Child Sand Table. The Sand Table Activity Panel Add-On has two clear chutes that allow the children to pour the sand into the chute and observe the sand slide down and … READ MORE

Sand Table, Lockable Lid, Maintenance-Free Plastic

The Maintenance-Free Plastic Lockable Lid is designed so you can add a lock to secure your Sand Table. Please note, this lid is not water proof. A Fabric Cover is also available. Please Note: • Locks are not included.

Sand Table, Fabric Cover

The Fabric Cover is made of water repelling fabric and can be stretched over the Sand Table when it is not in use to prevent leaves, sticks, water, etc. from entering the Table. The Fabric Cover has elastic corners that … READ MORE

Sand Table

The Sand Table lets children control the landscape…literally. Roads, rivers, castles, and cliffs can all be created to fit the adventure of the day. Standing up at the table keeps sand out of shoes, clothes, and classrooms. A Lockable Plastic … READ MORE

Car Wash with Water Jets Add-On

In order to purchase the Car Wash with Water Jets, the Playhouse also needs to be purchased. The Car Wash with Water Jets Add-On must be purchased at the time of your Playhouse purchase. If you’re searching for preschool water … READ MORE

Scale, Balance, Small

The Balance Scale is a portable, outdoor scale for your natural preschool playground. It is a wonderful piece of outdoor learning equipment for teaching about math and science concepts. Add buckets to the Balance Scale and the children can place … READ MORE