Seed Bombs

In the fall, many plants start dropping their seeds, so now is a great time to head outside to collect and prepare seeds for growing in the spring. Take a bucket or bag with you on nature walks, and have children look for seeds. Many flowers are losing their petals, making seeds more accessible. You can also buy wildflower seeds if you don’t find enough outside (just make sure they are wildflowers that are native to your area). Then, gather the additional materials: potting soil (or compost, dirt, etc.) and air-dry clay.

Flatten small sections of clay out (about the size of a quarter). Put a few pinches of soil on top of the clay, followed by no more than 5-6 seeds. Then roll the clay up into a little ball, with the soil and seeds inside. The seed bombs should be small so the growing seeds will be able to poke through.

Many wildflower seeds need a few months of cold before they will be able to grow, so you can toss the seed bombs out in flower beds after they have dried. The clay helps protect the seeds from birds, as well as soaks up moisture from rain, to help the seeds germinate. Seed bombs are even a fun thing for children to make, and make wonderful holiday gifts!

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