Snow, Snow Fun!

When it’s cold outside or when you have snow filled playgrounds, it’s hard to find things to do outdoors. Below is a list of fun activities you can do outside in the snow! Just be sure to pay attention to how much time you are spending outside and how long children are playing with the snow.

Snow Digs

Bury some objects in the snow (e.g. small toys, plastic food, pine cones, etc.). Have the children do a search and find.

Paint a picture

Children paint on top of snow using watercolors. Be sure to supervise so children don’t get too wet.

Build an igloo or snow castle

Use items found around your home (e.g. a small trashcan, cupcake tin, cups, etc.) as a mold for a snow castle or igloo. Pack the items with snow and build up the walls for a igloo. Use the snow as a building material, just like you would use sand when building a sand castle!


Depending on how much snow you get, build a tunnel the children can climb through.