Spotlight on Natural Play

Over the next few months we’ll be doing a spotlight series on our different types of playground equipment.  We know that different preschools have different ideas for what they want their playgrounds to be.  Some prefer the maintenance free plastic of the more traditional playgrounds while others prefer a more natural look with wood and log components.  Any way you do it, your children will be having fun and learning in a great outdoor environment.


Today I’d like to talk more about our natural playground equipment.  We have natural products for all manners of preschool playgrounds.  If you’re looking for very natural play environment, we recommend features such as gardens, creeks, log products like our Stepping Stumps or Tree Cookies, and rock features such as our Rock Water Fountain.  Products such as these blend into the natural playscape and allow children to really use their imaginations to play.  If you love the natural look and the way it encourages children to be creative but prefer a more maintenance free option, we’ve also designed many products (such as tables, art easels, balance scales, etc.) with recycled plastic in natural colors so they blend seamlessly into your playscape.


View our natural playground products.