Teaching the Subject Areas Through Outdoor Play

Math – Children practice math skills when counting rocks, making patterns with leaves, weighing how heavy a stone is, and sorting other natural materials into groups.

Science – Children explore with science when growing plants, observing insects, dropping a ball down a tube, and going down a slide.

Literacy – Children learn new words when they garden, play new outdoor games, learn about bugs and plants, and write with sidewalk chalk.

Social Studies – Children study social studies when they go outdoors to participate in their community and interact with the environment.

Social/Emotional – Children learn about working together and understanding emotions when they use large outdoor play areas to interact in large groups and small, cozy outdoor spaces to play in small groups or individually.

Fine and Gross Motor – Children use fine motor skills to draw with sidewalk chalk, pick up bugs, plant seeds, and arrange sticks.  Children use gross motor skills to climb, jump, skip, run, and tumble.

It’s not just an outdoor space, it’s the preschool outdoor classroom!