The Summer Olympics, Preschool Style (Part 1)


The 2012 Summer Olympics have begun, so let’s get out the torch, flags, and medals and start the Preschool Olympic games outdoors on the preschool playground!

The Opening Ceremony:


Torches:  First things first!  You need your Olympic torch.  Stuff pieces of red, orange, and yellow tissue paper into one end of paper towel roll, letting some of the paper stick out the top to be your flame.


Flags:  Next, each child can decorate their own flag.  You can use paper with paints, markers, or crayons to decorate or you can use rectangles of canvas with puff paints to decorate.


Parade!:  Have a parade through the playground waving the flags and proudly displaying the Preschool Olympic torch!  Bring a CD player outdoors and play the Olympic theme song or The Star Spangled Banner.


Visit our blog next week for some ideas about the next part of the Preschool Olympics:  The Games!


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