The Summer Olympics, Preschool Style (Part 2)

The Preschool Summer Olympics continued…. Now that the opening ceremony is complete, it’s time for the games!


The Games:

  • Gymnastics – Lay out the mats and practice some tumbling.
  • Boat Races – Set up sailboat/toy boat races down a slip ‘n’ slide.
  • Running Races – Run a race or do a bunny hop race.
  • Soccer – Practice kicking the soccer ball (you can designate an area as the goal and see how many goals everyone can make).
  • Obstacle Course – Set up a course that could include preschool play equipment such as a balance beam, stepping stumps, hula hoops, cones, and actions such as climbing, hopping, leaping and so on.


  • Shot Put – See how far everyone can throw a ball when they hold it up to their shoulder and neck and then launch it as far as they can.
  • Hammer Throw – Attach a string to a ball of tin foil (have everyone step back) and swing the rope around before letting it fly.  See how far it can go.
  • Softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer – Take out some balls and have some fun!


The Closing Ceremony: Children can make medals to honor their hard work.  Make round medals with clay, paper mache, or cardboard (make sure to leave a hole for the ribbon) and decorate them with gold paint.  Add a piece of ribbon and tie the ends.  Conduct a closing ceremony where you place the medals on the children while saying something they worked hard on during the Preschool Summer Olympic Games (everyone is a winner, it’s how the children feel about their effort that counts)!


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