Too Much Sitting Contributes to Childhood Obesity

In a recent article, Richard Louv writes “But at other schools, too many students spend most of their time sitting. At their desks, in front of computers, taking tests, sitting in schools where recess and gym class have been restricted or eliminated. Even in preschools, most children sit in the classroom for most of the day — and even when they go outside, more than half of their activities remain sedentary. Then they’re driven home (sitting) to sit some more.”

Recent studies show that children sit for long periods of the day and this greatly contributes to obesity.  The studies point out that children need to be more active.  The perfect place for active, big body play is outdoors.  At preschool, this means getting out on the outdoor preschool playground!   Having plenty of time for outdoor, active play in preschool is a great way to combat childhood obesity.

Louv, Richard.  “Sitting is the New Smoking.”  The New Nature Movement, 2 March 2013.  Web.  4 March 2013.

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