Unbe-leaf-able Leaf Activities

With Fall now being in full swing, there are plenty of leaves to go around. To take advantage of the numerous leaves that are now starting to fall to the ground, there are many leaf activities that the children can do to play and learn.

Leaf Count
Put Numbers on Index cards.
Ask the children to bring you the number of leaves on the card. If needed, help in counting.

Leaf Measurements
Measure things around the playground with leaves.
Have the children place leaves on different pieces of playground equipment in a straight line. Help them count the number of leaves. Be sure to say the (piece of equipment) is leaves long. Example: The slide is 12 leaves long.

Leaf Match
Find different kinds of leaves in quantities of 2 or more for the children to use in a matching game.

A Leaf Container
Have a few container like bowls and boxes available for children to place leaves in outside.

Leaf Throw
Have a pile of leaves for the children to throw around. This works best when the leaves are not really dry and crunchy so leaf pieces don’t get in the children’s eyes.