Valentine’s Day Bubble Art

Looking for some fun activities to do on the preschool playground for Valentine’s Day?  Try making some Valentine Bubble Art!  First, bend some craft wire or old wire coat hangers into heart shapes.  These become your special Valentine’s Day bubble wands.  Next, put some red or pink food coloring in the bubble soap and mix it up.  When children dip the heart wands in the soap and blow on or wave the wand, they will be making colorful red or pink bubbles.

Of course the children will enjoy popping those bubbles just as much as making them, so make it an art project.  Take some white paper outside with you and show the children how if they use the paper to catch and pop the bubbles, the red or pink color will pop onto their paper, leaving colorful shapes, splatters, and dots.  In the air one moment, on their paper the next!

Add a “Happy Valentine’s Day” message on the paper and fold it into a card to send home to the child’s family for a unique and fun Valentine made on the preschool playground.  To find out more ways to do art projects on the playground, check out some of our art related preschool playground equipment.

Have a very happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at The Adventurous Child!

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