Winter Wonderland Circus/Carnival Fun

Come one, come all to the winter wonderland playground carnival fun! Yes, it is getting cold outside, but with these quick carnival games, outdoor play can still be an option. Despite having a snow or rain covered playground, you can still let the children have playtime outside with these fun games below.

Ring Toss:
A ring toss game can be very beneficial for children’s motor skills. You can purchase a ring toss game or create your own.

Snow Shovel Dig:
Don’t put those beach pails away just yet! Let the children dig in the snow for a short period of time, make sure to dress accordingly. See what fun things they can dig up!

Animals All Around:
Have the children act like animals, sounds and all!

Tight Rope:
Have the children pretend to walk a tight rope. You can use yarn, or ribbon for your tight rope pretend.

Audience Clap a Rhythm:
Have the children repeat different variations of clapping.