Winter Wonderland Math: Counting Activities

Winter is a magical season filled with frosty fun and plenty of opportunities to incorporate math into early education. Engaging preschoolers in winter-themed math and counting activities not only helps them develop essential mathematical skills but also enhances their problem-solving abilities. In this blog, we will explore creative and hands-on activities that make learning math concepts enjoyable for preschoolers in the winter season.

1. Snowball Counting

Bring the snowy outdoors into the classroom by creating a snowball-themed counting activity. Using crumpled paper, white pompoms or whatever you have on hand, have children count and sort snowballs into different cups or containers. You can also introduce simple addition and subtraction by asking them to add or remove a certain number of snowballs from each cup.

2. Winter Pattern Play

You can educate preschoolers about patterns by incorporating winter-themed objects. Provide a variety of materials like snowflake cutouts, mittens, hats, or snowmen, and ask children to create patterns using the different shapes. Start with simple AB patterns and gradually progress to more complex patterns like ABB or ABC patterns. Encourage them to explain their patterns as they create them.

3. Hot Chocolate Math

What better way to engage preschoolers in math than through everyone’s favorite winter treat! Create a hot chocolate math station where children can practice counting and measuring. Provide cups, mini marshmallows, and a small pitcher of hot chocolate. Ask children to count and add a specific number of marshmallows to each cup, reinforcing counting skills while enjoying a mini math snack.

4. Winter Math Scavenger Hunt:

Take preschoolers on a mathematical adventure with a winter-themed scavenger hunt. Create a list of objects related to winter, such as snowflakes, snow boots, icicles, or pine cones. Divide children into small groups and have them search for these objects within the classroom or outdoor environment. Encourage them to count the number of items they find and discuss their findings as a group afterward.

5. Snowflake Number Line:

Bring the beauty of snowflakes into the realm of numbers by creating a snowflake number line. Draw a horizontal line on a large sheet of paper and provide snowflake-shaped cutouts with numbers written on them. Ask children to place the snowflakes on the number line in sequential order. This activity promotes number recognition, counting, and understanding number sequence.


Winter-themed math and counting activities provide a fun and interactive way for preschoolers to develop their math skills while embracing the enchantment of the season. By incorporating hands-on, sensory experiences, educators can cultivate a love for math in early learners. So, bundle up, put on your thinking caps, and dive into the winter wonderland of math with these engaging activities for preschoolers. Let the learning and counting adventures begin!

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