Woodworking with Pumpkins?

Would you like to introduce woodworking into your preschool’s curriculum?  Woodworking is a great way for children to learn about math, construction, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.  The perfect time to introduce woodworking outdoors on the natural preschool playground is now, the month of October.  In October, lots of beautiful pumpkins are readily available and ripe for the woodworking center. Hammering nails into pumpkins, much softer than wood, introduces the motion of hammering in a fun and festive way.

woodworking with pumpkins

Another way to introduce woodworking to the outdoor playground is to use large Styrofoam blocks and golf tees instead of wood and nails (as in the picture of our preschool play equipment below).  After children have mastered hammering with pumpkins, Styrofoam, and golf tees, try introducing soft wood and roofing nails. (Roofing nails have larger heads.)

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